We have been purchasing TRUE treadmills for the last several years. We have six medical fitness facilities with over 100 treadmills in place. I could not be happier with TRUE as a company and with their products. The reasons we chose, and still choose TRUE are:

  • Warranty – when we first went with them they had the best warranty by far of any manufacturer.
  • Durability – we had our tech disassemble each treadmill we were considering he said the TRUE is built like an industrial machine, tough, simple, built to take abuse. This has turned out to be true. We spend less than half on repairs than we used to.
  • Application – We deal with people who are not always in the best of health. TRUE CS treads have a start-up speed of .1mph and are rated to accommodate a 500 pound user
  • Customer Service – TRUE has the best service of any fitness equipment company I have ever worked with. The company responded to a suggestion we had regarding how users adjust speed. They not only reprogrammed our consoles for us, they incorporated that change into their whole line. This was all done in a timely fashion. I have not had any problems with the treadmills or the company. I really could not be happier.

John Caliri
First Health Centers and Health & Fitness

The Powell Wellness Center, a 38,000 square foot medically integrated health & wellness center believes in TRUE Fitness and what they represent! We proudly offer our members 28 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, plus the TRUE Stretch.

We continue to be pleased with the quality and performance of each piece. In addition to their equipment, they offer exceptional support whenever we are in need of assistance.

It is without hesitation that I recommend TRUE Fitness and their products to anyone looking for the best!

Sandy M. Boone
Director, Powell Wellness Center
Culpeper Regional Hospital

True Fitness exercise equipment sculpts your body from the inside with hard work. We do it from the outside - with hard work too. Dr. Tammy Wu and Dr. Calvin Lee are proud owners of a True Fitness treadmill

Surgical Artistry, Inc
Tammy Wu, MD Plastic Surgeon / Calvin Lee, MD
Modesto, California