Q: What do I do if my belt starts to track off to one side?
You can adjust your treadmill belt accordingly by following these procedures: ! Use Caution anytime you are working on moving mechanical equipment. NOTE: Adjustments must be made with the belt running at approximately 5mph. 1. First you need to determine which direction the belt is tracking. 2. Always use the left rear roller bolt to make adjustments. (The left side is referenced from the users left side while walking on the unit in the forward direction.) Next, you need to adjust the left rear roller bolt clockwise if the belt needs to move to the right and counter clockwise if it needs to move to the left. NOTE: Never adjust the bolt more than one quarter of a turn at one time, leaving time between adjustments for the belt to respond.) 3. Run the belt at approximately 5 mph and it should work its way back over. NOTE: Only adjust as much as you need to keep the belt straight. If you have to turn the bolt more than 3/4 of a turn, or if the adjustment doesn't stay, call a TRUE certified technician for assistance in making the adjustment.
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